PnP, Pre-production and Production info


We just wanted to update you on how things are going since we last spoke.


Backers from the $5 level and above, few minutes ago received a message with a link to the PnP version of the game.

This PnP is a part of your reward, so please don’t share or redistribute the files.

One small thing about the PnP. The graphic design of the rulebook is NOT FINAL. The rules are final, but not the layout. Our graphic designer is close to finishing the layout of the rulebook, this one is just a quick version that we made for the purposes of this PnP. So don’t worry that the names of the $119 level backers are not there. They will be included in the print and final version of the rules and we are going to post it in a couple of days here in the comments section and also upload it on our website.


The files (except for the rulebook) are sent to our manufacturer and they are checking them at the moment to see if everything is O.K. As you will see in the PnP, there are a lot of components in the game. 🙂 We expect this process to be done (including the rulebook) in about a week and we can immediately continue to producing the first copy of the game.


While we were setting up the files, the production of the custom dice has commenced. And here are sample photos that our manufacturer sent. 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Our manufacturer assured us that the blue and purple dice are easily distinguishable. The light in the room messed up the colors in the photo. But of course, we are going to check them (and approve it they are ok) when the pre-production copy of the game arrives.

We are pleased to inform you that everything is going as planned (even ahead of schedule). And of course, we are going to update you for every step of the way in the next period.

Oh, and one last thing.

Cavern Tavern had 1973 backers during the Kickstarter campaign. The statistical probabilities say that 5-6 backers are having a birthday today. So, from the Final Frontier Games team, we want to say Happy Birthday to those backers. 🙂

Have a great day! Cheers!


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