Prototype inspected and production is a go


Just a quick update on how are things progressing.


Since we last spoke 2 weeks ago, we mentioned that the prototype (the pre-production copy) is on the way.

We received it about a week ago and we examined, dissected and played a few games of Cavern Tavern, and we have to tell you, the manufacturer BangWee games, has done an amazing job. We can’t wait to deliver the final product, which will be in much better quality then the prototype we have right now.

Here are some photos.










I know that a lot of you were hoping for the insert to accommodate sleeved cards, but we had long discussions within the team and with the manufacturer, and unfortunately the insert won’t be able to fit the sleeved cards. There are a lot of components in the game, especially cards and the truth is that there is no space. The top box couldn’t be closed with sleeved cards. We knew that this could be a problem with all the stretch goals that we unlocked (especially the cards), but to be frank, we all got the better deal. More cards equal more replayability and better gameplay. The trade is very much worth it. 🙂

Mass production

As we’ve said, we are extremely satisfied with the quality of the prototype. We’ve approved the sample and gave the go ahead to the manufacturer.

We’ve also paid 50% of the invoice and mass production of Cavern Tavern is starting this week!

The manufacturing process of the game, along with the add-ons would take around 35 days and we are glad to tell you that everything is on schedule and we are even a little ahead of schedule.

The fulfillment companies are being contacted and are in discussion with the manufacturer so the games can be loaded on the ships immediately after production.


Most of you have filled out the survey but we are coming close to the time when we have to close the surveys and deliver your shipping info to our fulfillment partners.

The survey will be closed one month from now on October 15th so please fill the surveys by then.


The Indiegogo page for ordering add-ons is still online, and will be online indefinitely because we ordered extra copies of the products, but bare in mind that the quantities are limited. Once we ran out from some of the add-ons we’ll have to close the pre-ordering. So if you are still on the fence about some of the add-ons, check out the page here.

That will be all for now. The next update will be few days before we have to close the surveys to give you another reminder. But if there is a need for another update in the meantime we’ll sure inform you of everything as it happens.

Have a nice day and happy birthday to those celebrating today 🙂



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