Survey closing, production almost done + read the book about The Five Realms

Hi there,

Hope the ones that are at Essen are having a great time there! Unfortunately, we are not attending this year. We are getting close to load the games on the boats and the logistics behind shipping the games to 4 different continents is not an easy task. We are very bumped that we are not at Essen, but Cavern Tavern is on top of our list of priorities and we want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


First of, minutes from now, (as we’ve mentioned in the previous update) we are going to close the survey for address changing. We need to sort out all the data in the coming days and send it to our fulfillment partners.

After we close down the survey, you will receive a notification from Kickstarter that you will have 48 hours to make the necessary changes to your shipping address. After the 48 hours, all addresses will be final, so please if you haven’t filled out the survey (there are 9 of you) or you need to make changes, please do so as quickly as possible.  Also, upgrading your pledge from the $1 and $5 levels to the full game will be closing in 48 hours. If you want to do so, follow the link that you received through message few months ago.

Add-ons and preorder

The add-ons page on IndieGogo will be closing on 7th of November (in about 3 weeks) so if you were still thinking to order some of the add-ons now would be the best time to do so. 🙂

Here is the link:


We are very pleased to inform you that production is just days away from being completed and everything is running smoothly. Here are some photos and a video that the manufacturer sent us 2 weeks ago.








The games will be loaded on the boats (3 different) on the 28th of October, and we expect them to hit US and UK shores in about 35 days. So the games will arrive in our fulfillment centers in the beginning of December and we are right on track to deliver the game in January as we promised. But for definitive delivery dates, we’ll talk in one of the next updates.

The book – The Secret of The Five Realms

We are super excited to tell you that the final stretch goal of the campaign has been completed (The book about the Five Realms) and you go right ahead and read it.

Click to open the book
Click to open the book

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that 🙂

Also, we want to share with you that we are in the process of developing another game, (probably some of you have expected) but we are going with a sequel, an anthology series of games about The Five Realms.

We are very proud of the world that we created and we want to take you to other places in The Five Realms. We are not going to discuss about the next game in The Five Realms series in detail now, but, after you read the book you might get an idea what it will be about. Hint: Again, as in Cavern Tavern, it will be about the little guys in The Five Realms.

If you think you know what the next game will be about, we will be super thrilled to read about it in the comments section. 🙂 Let’s hear your wildest ideas :)))

That’s it for now, our next update will be probably in about 2 weeks when the boats start sailing to their destinations.

You know that in the last few updates we want to say happy birthday to all celebrating today and also we want to say happy birthday to The Mico who turned 38 two days ago! May his pencils stay sharp! Live long and prosper Mico!


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