Shipping update


We are few days late with the planned update, but it was all with good reason.

We wanted to give you the latest update on the shipping of the games.

The games are being divided in 4 shipments, Asia, Australia, UK and USA.


The games for the Asian backers will be delivered by our manufacturer and we’ll inform you when we’ll start delivering.


The Australian shipment was sent by plane to our fulfillment partners and they informed us this morning that the games have arrived at their warehouse.

But, we won’t start delivering the games immediately, we are going with a worldwide release, meaning we are going to wait all games to reach their destinations first and then start delivering them to you.


The boat for UK was loaded a week ago and today the boat has left the port and is headed for Southampton.

The name of the ship is HYUNDAI TOGETHER.

This is what our agent told us.

The ship is scheduled to arrive in Southampton on December 6th.

Then it would take around 5 days for the games to be unloaded and delivered to GamesQuest, our fulfillment partners in the UK.

Note: GamesQuest from UK, will be fulfilling the games for backers in Europe, Canada, South America and Africa.


This is the main reason why we postponed the update for a few days.

The games were loaded on October 31st, with a scheduled departure shortly after that.

But, a week ago the ship was held on customs in Malaysia.

This is what our agent told us.

Shipment caught cut-off and is pending export customs release overseas. We are on schedule once released.

Customs officer inspecting Nasty's goods
Customs officer inspecting Nasty’s goods

The name of the ship is YM UNIFORM.

We are closely monitoring the situation and in constant communication with our agent. We expect to be released soon and to continue its voyage to the United States.

The transit time is 30-33 days to New York, and then 5-7 days of unloading time.

If the ship is cleared in the next few days, it should arrive at the fulfillment center in New Jersey around the week from 12th December and start with delivery immediately.

Luckily, when we were making the estimation for delivery of the project we considered situations like this, situations that are out of our control, and even with this hold up, we are right on time for January delivery.

In any case, we’ll monitor the situation with the US shipment, and inform you the minute the boat is released from customs.

Hopefully it will be very soon and we’ll stay on schedule. We got few more days of wiggle room. 🙂

That will be all for the moment, hopefully you’ll be hearing again from us very soon with the latest info of the US boat.

To continue the tradition, happy birthday to all celebrating today. 🙂



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