The sequel of Cavern Tavern, Rise to Nobility comes to Kickstarter on April 5th + Surprise for all of you good people

Just wanted to give you quick update that Rise to Nobility, the sequel of Cavern Tavern will be launching on Kickstarter next Wednesday, April 5th! Mark your calendars, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Here is a quote we just received from one of the reviewers of the game.

And here is a teaser video for the campaign and some images with the amazing art by The Mico!

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Now for the surprise

First, a big thank you to everyone that filled out our poll on the last newsletter, left comments online and wrote us an email about Cavern Tavern. We listened and we wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you that helped us during our first campaign. You were right there from the start with us and you all have special place in our hearts.

That’s why we are super thrilled to announce that every backer of Cavern Tavern that will join us for the Rise to Nobility campaign will receive a free mini expansion for Cavern Tavern, EVENT PROMO DECK with 15 Cards! All you need to do is back the campaign with the same email address you did for Cavern Tavern.

How will the Events work?

Each round, you’ll draw one card from the deck which will affect the gameplay in certain ways. The Events will help in mitigating bad dice rolls, help move faster on the Kitchen and Chores tracks, and a lot of other things that will bring new twists to the game and increase replayability!

Hope you are getting excited as much as we are for the launch of Rise to Nobility! We think that we have a great game in our hands and a lot of reviewers and playtesters agreed that this is a game with a potential to become an evergreen! We are extremely proud of what we’ve done and can’t wait to show you more next Wednesday! We would be super grateful if you can join us again on this journey, and hoping that we’ll see most of you on day one 😉 The sooner we get the game funded, the sooner we can concentrate on the stretch goals!


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