Merchant’s Cove is a heavily asymmetric game, where each player acts as a “NPC” Shopkeeper, producing Goods in entirely different ways, using very different components.

Welcome to Merchants Cove!

Situated in the Perilous Strait, this large port city was founded many years ago by refugees of the wars plaguing the Five Realms. All attempts to invade Merchants Cove have failed miserably, owing to the unique geography that offers lots of natural protection.

This safety, combined with the lack of a government oversight, means that Merchants Cove quickly gained a reputation as a place where you could buy almost anything, provided you have enough coin.

Each day adventurers arrive by the boatload, weighed down by the gold earned during their questing. In a game of Merchant’s Cove players represent not the adventurers, but the shopkeepers eager to part them from their money.

Merchants Cove is a highly asymmetric euro-style game for 2-4 players. Players assume the role of classic fantasy shopkeepers such as the Blacksmith, Alchemist, or Innkeeper. Each role comes with its own player board and unique set of mechanics that set them apart from the rest.

Enjoy a dynamically-evolving market as you seek to meet customer demands in an effort to stockpile the money and reputation. The player who can run their business the best while responding to the demands of their customers will find themselves selected to lead the Salt Council, winning the game!

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