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Merchants Cove is a heavily asymmetric Euro-style game for 1-4 players. Each role features entirely unique gameplay and components.

Welcome ashore to Merchants Cove!

This infamous port city is surrounded by jagged peaks and choppy seas. Only those adventurers brave or foolish enough to sail the treacherous waters will experience the many wonders this place has to offer. Masterwork weapons, potent elixirs, mysterious artifacts, and the freshest seafood one can imagine await in the bustling markets.

In Merchants Cove, however, you play not as an adventurer—but instead as one of the many merchants the adventurers visit in their travels. Spend your days crafting wares, managing your staff, and influencing the local factions to make as much coin as you can. To be highly successful you’ll need to make good use of your time, while also keeping an eye on your rival merchants and potential customers. You may feel tempted to cut corners—but be warned, corruption has a price of its own…

Merchants Cove is a heavily asymmetric Euro-style game for 1-4 players.

Each role features entirely unique gameplay and components. For example, the Blacksmith places metal (dice) into forges to smith weapons and armor, whereas the Alchemist extracts ingredients (marbles) from a decanter in order to brew magic potions and elixirs. At the end of each round the merchants sell their goods in a dynamic market, where demand is everything. After three rounds the merchant with the most gold wins!

Introducing the Alchemist

Alchemical work can be very lucrative if you know your way around a cauldron, and deadly if you don’t.
Phoenestra Orwyn, owner of the Crystal Vessel in Merchants Cove, continues a long tradition of royal elven alchemists using high-quality essences and volatile black ichor. To craft these essences she uses only select ingredients from her personal alchemical garden, which she tends with the help of faeries.

She brews coveted potions with the finest—but sometimes unstable—ingredients. Skillfully combines the extracts and essences from her decanter to drop into her cauldrons – adding catalysts to enhance production, while removing volatile ichor to avoid disaster!

Ichor is an ingredient few alchemists will work with, used carelessly it could result in an explosion. However, when used carefully it’s got properties that allow it to mimic and neutralize nearly anything.

The final thing that makes a proper alchemist is knowing how to create a solid-state catalyst. Catalysts are solids with properties nearly identical to Ichor—however, they are completely stable and can be re-used for months! 

Introducing the Captain

The rough seas and jagged rocks surrounding Merchants Cove are enough to keep amateur sailors clear away. Captain Greentail is nothing short of the finest sailor you’ve ever met.

Use your trusty compass to navigate a fleet of ships around the treacherous waters of the Perilous Strait. Sail close to the cove’s inner reefs on the hunt for the fresh catch-of-the-day or explore the surrounding islands looking for lost treasure. But be warned…

There are whispers among the crew that the compass is cursed, and they aren’t wrong. You’ll need to claim the treasure the compass points to or risk ruin. 

Introducing the Blacksmith

Meet Olaf Thundercrack! Olaf is the resident Blacksmith of Merchants Cove, known for his masterful metalwork.

Fuel your forges with coal and smelt your alloys with care to create the finest weapons and armor.

To make quality wares you must strike with precision and keep the temperatures just right – Kaboom goes the hammer!

Hope you like what you see so far! All of the roles feature entirely different components and gameplay!