Pillars of Creation Philosophy

With the introduction of our Pillars of Creation series, we are committed to making  a noticeable change to bring more inclusion to the board game world. Here is how we are trying to achieve that:


Choosing games with themes that highlight a myth or story that hasn’t been told in popular media or through board games yet. Our first two games each tell stories about the creation of the stars, Milky Way, and constellations told from the perspectives of the Navajo people of North America, and the San people of Africa, respectively.


Selecting and developing games that are light to medium-light in complexity. We love heavier games, and will continue to make them, however, this series will aim to be playable by a wider audience than some of our other games.


Working with diverse teams and cultural sensitivity experts to ensure our depictions are accurate, respectful, and educational. 

Our approach to making sure our games are respectful of the cultures involved, is a two step approach.
First, we do our own research. We have to make sure the game fits our above criteria, and also evokes a compelling game experience. By doing due diligence, we can educate ourselves about the chosen theme, and will often make adjustments to the theme, mechanisms, or details based on what we’ve learned.

The second step is hiring and working closely with a cultural consultant to ensure that the depictions in the game are accurate, the language is respectful, and any important aspects we may have missed are included. The “sin of omission” is the most common thing we encounter when doing our own research, and part of what makes a cultural consultant so necessary. When viewing a story, it is easy to read it in a vacuum, removed from the appropriate context. There’s not as much material to educate on if a certain story is still told, or if there is a popular variation, or if the story is irrelevant, or if the story is an allegory for a different meaning that is lost, etc.

We are committed to bringing more games, more stories, more voices, more artists, and more diversity to the tabletop industry.  We hope the Pillars of Creation series ends up being a meaningful step towards these goals.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!