Welcome back ashore!

Final Frontier is proud to present Merchants Cove: Master Craft – a big-box expansion for the critically acclaimed Merchants Cove.
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Contained in this treasure trove of content is a new expansion (The Faction Festival), new modular content (new Rogues, Townsfolk), as well as four new expert Merchants.

In addition to the new Merchants, the Faction Festival also expands the game in a substantial way. A new board is connected to the bottom of the main board adding tracks for each of the Factions, and brand new mechanisms for each Faction to use. 

The Wizards will enchant your goods to make them worth more – while the Rogues will help you frame the other players, letting you get rid of corruption by pinning it on your opponents.

That’s not all! Enjoy a new Faction Hall (The Paladins), new Adventurers (Paladins), new Townsfolk, Rogues, and more.

Meet the first new merchant, the Mushroom Farmer, Amanita Moghed!

Assign work orders to your various insects, instructing them how to move and manipulate your Mushroom Garden. The insects work together to grow, compost, and harvest rare spores. These spores are placed into your Spore Box. When a growth cycle triggers, the shrooms and spores in the box react – growing, or sometimes splitting. You will need careful planning, timing, and foresight to cultivate a winning strategy.

Hex-tile movement and management, action tiles and action retrieval, growth cycle timing are things you will need to master in order to craft a lucrative strategy!

Introducing our next merchant, Hemlock Trolmes, Trobit detective extraordinaire.

From your office at 22C Anchor Street, you will be combining bits of evidence to reconstruct  crimes committed in the cove. Your trusty pocket watch will help you keep time as you try to solve cases. To pinpoint your suspect, you will need to cleverly place, move, and overlap your clear-plastic clue cards to form workable theories. The only morals Hemlock has are gold-plated, as he earns his coins from selling alibis and bounties from solved cases. 

To be a successful detective you will need to; master layering cards, manage your unique pocket watch mechanism, gather faction informants, and use the power of inductive reasoning.

Jacques “Finn” Greentail, our next merchant, is the younger brother of Captain Greentail.

Never one to be outshone by his big sister, Finn owns a successful treasure diving business. Generations of crashed merchant and military ships make for lucrative treasure hunting. Always been one to push his luck, Finn nevers knows when enough is enough, and has made quite a name for himself scouring the gem and coin filled hulls on the seafloor near the cove.

Before each successful dive, any treasure diver worth their salt needs to prepare their bag; with maps to new hauls, nets to keep the crabs out of their hair, and lantern fuel to dive even deeper into the darkest depths.

Our final new merchant is none other than Ava Shortcake, Pastry Chef extraordinaire.

Ava is the proud owner of Sweet Tooth’s Bakery, the most famous patisserie in the Five Realms. Together with Sweet Tooth the Dragon, Ava whips up specialty cupcakes and cone cakes. Adding frosting ensures her goods have a wide appeal, allowing them to be sold to different types of adventurers.

Running a bakery is a lot of work. You’ve got to mix the batter juuust right before throwing it into the ovens so Sweet Tooth can do her thing. To help with this, Ava has a machine-operated mixer that turns like clockwork. Once goods leave the mixer, the process is only half over, as you’ll need to carefully manage the temperature in the oven to ensure that your goods are properly baked and risen. If they don’t stay in long enough, you risk ruining your reputation with underbaked cakes.

We value your privacy!