The Sixth Realm, a strategic engine-building euro game!


The Sixth Realm is a crunchy euro game stuffed to the brim with combos, bonuses, engine building, and interaction. Delve into the depths of the ancestral homeland of the six races, where every decision you make will shape your destiny.

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Depth and complexity in decisions

Intricate mechanics, strategic decision-making, and deep gameplay systems challenge players to think creatively and strategically throughout the entire experience.



Interactive and Engaging

Use your Councilors to secure turn-order at pivotal times. Recruit Envoys before your opponents do. Compete for the Queen’s Ambition to declare communal challenges, select the seventh action of each round, or to change the order of the Guilds themselves. Every action you take will leave a lasting impact which other players must respond to.





Combos and Bonuses Galore

Seamlessly link actions, pull off satisfying combos, power up your engine, and watch your plans unfold with unique momentum based gameplay that encourages constant growth. The Sixth Realm rewards clever players who can balance the player-created scoring goals with tactical adjustments based on the game state.

Robust Solo Mode Experience

Artificial opponent that replicates a 2-player game rather than beat-your-own-score. Fast and simple to operate. Semi-predictable with diminishing returns. Multiple scaling difficulties.

Designed by Seth Jaffee, Matthew Dunstan, and Drake Villareal with art by The Mico

Highly-acclaimed designers that brought you such titles as; Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done, Eminent Domain, The Guild of Merchant Explorers, Elysium, Merchants Cove and many more…

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